Thursday, December 11, 2008

This set is for my oldest daughter Madison. She is taking dance classes and absolutely loves it. We constantly have fights over what she wants to wear to class and this week was no exception. I sometimes have a hard time getting her to tell me what is really bothering her, but I finally got it out of her this week. After breaking into tears and refusing to wear pants even though it was freezing outside (well, Southern California cold...heehee) she finally blurted out..."I want to wear something pretty. All of the other girls get to wear pretty things to dance class." Oh, my heart just melted right then and there. I don't make her go to dance class in ugly things, I just feel the need to be practical with what we wear. I mean, c'mon she is only 3 1/2, we don't need to have professional dance outfits! Soooo.....since my mommy job is selling tutus and girlie things, I just had to make her a new tutu for dance class to wear when the next session starts after Christmas. The hat I just threw in hoping she would wear it. I sell all these adorable beanies and flower clips but can't even get my own daughter to wear them half the time. Ugghhhhh.
My only advice to mommies with little girls is to start early (yeah, think right outta the hospital) with the bows, hair clips, and hats. If you don't, they will never ever wear them!


Courtney said...

That tutu is absolute cuteness! I bet she will love it! Hope she wears the hat! :)

L and J said...

Can I have one just like it? LOVE IT!!!!