Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My ingenious idea!

Hee hee hee....{Insert evil grin here}.

I just have to laugh about this. So, I went to the mall with my lovely SIL today and we both brought along the kidlets (2 each=4 total). We traded off watching them in 'Germ City' (AKA the play land) so the other could do a little shopping. I didn't know how much harder it is watching 4 kids as opposed to 2. Yikes, maybe we won't have baby #3! J/K. Anyway, I had a coupon from Victoria's Secret for $10 off any purchase. Being the total cheap-o that I am, I went in and found something for exactly $10. I originally went in wanting body wash but it was only $8.50 and I didn't want to spend any money there nor did I want to lose that extra $1.50 that they were giving me. So, I decided to get the body butter instead, which smells heavenly if I do say so myself. Of course the associate at the counter tried to hit me up for the 3 for $24 deal which I totally would have done in the past. Now with a family budget and my husband's hawk eyes on our finances, that's not going to be happening anytime soon. I also use their free panties coupon too and only get the free panties and nothing else. Yeah, the ladies at our VS love me!

So, on to my ingenious plan.......

I was emptying the car just now and throwing away the bags I didn't need and looked at my Victoria's Secret bag and thought, "Wow, how cute is that bag. It looks like it could be used for a present." Well, the logo on the front wouldn't really look that great, but hmmmmm........{insert a picture of my cheap-o crafty mind's wheels spinning!} AHHH HA! I've got it. I am going to put my husband's present in it for Christmas! I am making him a magnet for our dishwasher that tells him if our dishes are clean or dirty. I'm almost finished so check back for pics in a day or so. Yes, he has put dirty dishes away before and put dirty dishes in with the clean ones too. So, he really needs it and I had to make him something. He's actually mentioned it a couple of times that it would really help him out, so it will be a perfect gift for him. Won't he be thrilled on Christmas day to see a bag labeled for him and Victoria's Secret printed on the side! He will be shocked and probably embarrassed because of course it will be in front of either my family or his family when he opens it. He will be even more shocked when it's not sexy lingerie and it's a dishwasher magnet! LOL!

As a side husband is known for wrapping up things I already own and gifting them to me. One Christmas it was a bag of tea light candles that I had purchased the week before. I'm sure there are more but they've slipped my mind at the moment. So, don't send me hate mail over this or think I'm mean and nasty. I love my husband very much but sometimes a girls gotta have a little fun! I've gotta be sure to post some pictures of his face too when he sees that present at Christmas. Hopefully my SIL can remind me!

Lastly, the picture is proof that I only bought (well it was actually free) the body butter lotion and not any sexy lingerie!


L and J said...

haha! I can just see him getting excited over the lingerie bag! I'm laughing just thinking about your whole plan.

Courtney said...

Ha! That is hilarious! I have that same coupon...hmmmm! :)

Ginny said...

How fun, can't wait to see pictures!

Those magnets are life savers. I couldn't survive without one, seriously!