Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A is for Apple

This chef's hat and adorable apron are for my 2 year old niece Abby. Her mommy put an apron on her Christmas list because she knew I had a cute pattern for them. I just had to make her a matching chef's hat to make the outfit complete. I can just picture how adorable she will look cooking with her mommy in the kitchen!

Oh, as a side note.....if you noticed 2 spots on the band of the chef's hat, you weren't seeing things. Yes, that would be my blood. A battle wound from so much sewing and crafting! I pricked my finger, thought it was dry, and kept on sewing. Later on I noticed what I'd done. Oh well. I'm going to use my bleach stick and then wash it before I give it to her.
Lastly, I'm going to have her name embroidered on the band. I have a family friend who can do it for me for free. Free is always good. So, my cost on this present was about $3 total since I had the Apples and Pears fabric already as well as the green and white polka dot fabric. I did have to buy a little white twill fabric for the chef's hat. Of course, I used my coupon at JoAnn's for 50% off and bought some extra fabric to make my nephew's chef's hat and apron. The pom pom trim was $2.99 a yard and I got 2 yards (for other projects I'm planning) but the lady at JoAnn's only charged me for 1 yard. Woohoo! I think she was totally being nice since I waited 45 minutes in line for JUST the pom pom trim. I know, total waste of time and I'm crazy. But, I HAD to get this project finished and out of the way. Of course, I used my 50% off coupon on that to. I ended up getting 2 yards of pom pom trim for $1.49! That is a steal.

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L and J said...

Super cute again! Love it!! Maybe my pending arrival will learn to love to cook like his mommy. Maybe he'll be like the next Bobby Flay or something (but without the man boobs). ;) Love ya!