Monday, December 15, 2008

For the other little chef in our family....

This chef's hat has been made for a few days now and I was waiting to post it with the completed apron, but alas the apron is still not finished. I am having problems with my sewing machine as of late (it is my grandmother's sewing machine and is a really old Kenmore from crazy! There's more to that story and I'll have to tell you all later) So, I will post Jake's hat now as it is done and will be embroidered with his name on the front. I can't wait to see him open it up on Christmas Eve (that's when we do presents with my family) and explain to him what it is. My girls have seen both of the chef's hats laying around the house but have no clue what they are, so I'm sure he won't either!

I do have one confession to make though....I tried Jake's hat on Peyton just to see how it looked and if it would fit looks adorable!!

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