Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Splat!

Sorry for the yucky title, but I thought it was quite fitting for out weekend. I'll give you a little run down on how it went but I'll spare you the nasty details.

Thanksgiving day we went over to my parent's house and had a HUGE Thanksgiving lunch with all of the family. Everything was delicious and the girls enjoyed playing with their cousins. We then went up to my husband's mom and step-dad's house to spend the long weekend. Well, everything was going great until about 1 am when my husband got incredibly sick with the flu. He was the sickest I have ever seen him since we met. He spent most of Friday in the bathroom, but I'll save you the graphic details. Then I got a touch of it on Saturday while I was in the middle of the Fashion District in Los Angeles. Not the place you want to get sick as there are practically no bathrooms there. Yeah, fun times!

So, our weekend plans to go to my husband's 10-year reunion Friday night and then spend the night in a hotel just the 2 of us were totally out of the question. I canceled the hotel and my husband e-mailed his reunion planner and they actually refunded our $120! Woo hooo! The girls got to spend tons of time with their grandparents which they absolutely loved, I got no crafting accomplished, and we ended up giving my mother-in-law the flu. Talk about feeling terrible. It's one thing to be sick at your in-law's house but to then get them sick as well is a whole different story. (If you're reading this Grandma and Silly Grandpa, the girls had a blast and are already asking when they can come back. Chris and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of us and for all you do for us. We love you!)

That about sums up our fun weekend! I had visions of cutting out aprons in preparation for this week's sewing, making a few hair bows, and completing my game plan. Unfortunately none of that happened. The one thing that I did do was to go to Barnes and Noble and look through tons of craft books. I had so many I could barely carry all of them. I found so many great ideas, and now have a more clear plan of what I'm going to make for the hard people on my list. Yeah!

Today was spent cleaning the house and unpacking, so tomorrow I have to start sewing! I've gotta get started or I'm gonna kill myself in the last few days like usual. I won't do that this year, I won't do that this year, I won't do that this year! Keep me to my word, okay?

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