Thursday, December 11, 2008

These gift tags are for my mother as an early Christmas present and I will be giving them to her tonight at Madison's Christmas performance at pre-school. Every year my mom makes tons of cookies, fudge, peanut brittle, and special breads to give to friends and family. Luckily I have taken after my mother with a love of baking too. I will admit that I can't cook the best, but I sure can bake! :D This year my mom is making pumpkin bread in mini loaves (think half the size of a regular loaf pan) for all of her co-workers (she works at a school district office so there are lots!). She actually baked down her pumpkin from Halloween and pureed it to get the pumpkin for her bread. (How thrifty is that? See where I get it from!) I have always wanted to make her up special gift tags to use but do not have any graphic design ability. So, the next best thing was googling for almost an hour to find the perfect tags for her. Thinking back now, I could have scrapped all of the tags in an hour! Oh well. I found the perfect tags here. My family is Christian and my mom is a glowing example of how a Christian should live their life. So I thought that these would be a great way for her to share the real 'reason for the season' with her co-workers. I printed them out on card stock that I already have and used my nifty paper cutter to cut them up. So, they were totally free! I sure hope she can use them and they aren't too religious for a school district!


L and J said...

She bakes down her own pumpkin? That's dedication!

The 3 Little Piggies Boutique said...

Haha! Yes, she actually bakes down her own pumpkin. You know how my mom is! =)